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Cellier saint Benoit

At the entrance of Pupillin, a sign proudly declares the small village as the World Capital of Ploussard. The irony was intended: when the motto was created in 1991, no one cared about Ploussard. Pupillin’s claim is objective, however. Most of the Jura is on grey marls from the Jurassic, a terroir where Savagnin and Chardonnay thrive. But in Pupillin, faults have exposed an unusually high proportion (60%) of older marls from the Triassic. These marls are ideally suited to the cultivation of Ploussard, which is why three quarters of the vineyards planted to the variety in the Jura are located in Pupillin and neighboring Arbois.

In Pupillin, the BENOIT family farm has existed for 4 generations, but was devoted to mixed farming with the crops sold to the Pupillin cooperative. Denis Benoit, of the 3rd generation, made the decision to focus all his work on the vine, to also integrate the work of the cellar and created the Cellier Saint Benoit within the old farm building of the family in 2003. Today the succession is provided by Benjamin BENOIT, who is elected “winemaker of the year” by the Guide Hachette des Vins 2021 in the Jura. The vineyards had been farmed conventionally. All the wines are fermented with ambient yeasts in stainless steel or fiber tanks. None of the wines are fined or filtered.

In Pupillin, the majority of Ploussard bottlings are blends of several lieux-dits. The most exciting sound bite for Cellier-Saint-Benoit is Benjamin’s decision to bottle his five lieux-dits individually. In the kingdom of Ploussard, he has instantly become its champion.