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Edoardo Sobrino

The Sobrino family has been cultivating vineyards and producing wine for generations, but it was only in 2000 that Edoardo Sobrino decided to found his own farm by putting into practice the centuries-old teachings that his family has handed down, starting to produce quality wine.

Right from the start, Edoardo showed himself rigorous in the application of his principles and his methods, especially in his approach to viticulture: he does not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides, desiccants or foliar fertilizers. But not only that, it was absolutely the first winery in Italy to make use of zeolite, a mineral of volcanic origin that allows a total sanitation of the soil by capturing the fertilizing components made by past fertilizations.

The choice of natural processes continues from the vineyard to the cellar, where the vinification is traditional, without the addition of yeasts, and involves two pumping dowm a day. In order not to contaminate the must with CO2 emissions, the tanks are cooled according to tradition and in a completely natural way, wrapping them with cloth bands soaked by hand in very cold running water. The use of woods is fundamental, as he does not favor large casks or barriques but tries every year to adapt it to the needs of his wine. Before bottling, the wine is neither clarified nor filtered.