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Lucien Le Moine

In two decades of work, Lucien Le Moine has become one of the most talked about Burgundy and Rhone producers, making some of the most sought after wines from the region.

The winery is a two person operation established in1999. Mounir learned and worked in a Trappist Monastery where he discovered Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. He studied Viticulture and Oenology at the ENSAM Montpellier, then had 6 years experience in wineries in Burgundy, other areas of France and California where he became fascinated by the “old way” of growing, vinificating and aging wines.

One day he decided to push to the extreme everything he saw, experienced and created, a small cellar dedicated to the ideas of purity and typicity.

The boutique vintner only produces up to 100 barrels of wines every year, most of them from the outstanding premier and grand crus of Burgundy’s terroir, so only a few hundred bottles of each wine are produced annually.