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Rafael Palacios

Rafael, the youngest of this saga of winemakers from Rioja whose best-known member is his brother Alvaro, is one of the leading white wine producers in Spain.

He was behind the outstanding white Placet in the family winery in Rioja, but found his way recovering remote vineyards in Valdeorras (Galicia) where he set up on his own in 2004. Currently the property consists of 28 plots, with a total area of 245 hectares of Godello, which enjoy a continental climate of Atlantic influence. Located on the right bank of the Bibei river, its altitudes ranges from 620 to 740 m, being the municipality of Bolo, the highest altitude in the region.

A cold maceration and the greatest possible protection against oxidation are important techniques that he uses in order not to lose quality. The use of feeds is very important. Rafa selects the oak from northern French forests: the colder the forest, the less aromatic the wood, more neutral and with better oxidation for the levee sur lies. The wood is lightly toasted for many hours with a very low fire so that the pores of the barrique open, but so that it is not marked by smoke or toast aromas. He does Batonnage less than before, as he notices that the wines lose character and personality by making too much use of the yeast cells.