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Regis Poissinet

With its 7 hectares certified in organic and biodynamic viticulture, Champagne Régis Poissinet has a total of 35 plots. Aged 40 years on average, the vines are rooted on different clay-limestone and silty limestone soils of the Marne Valley. Cultivated with great respect toward their natural environment and their own balance, each plots and vines benefit from tailor-made and attentive work. They can thus express all the subtlety and richness of their terroir. Meunier is the main grape variety, supplemented by Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Observing nature, listening to its needs allows the attentive winemaker to intervene as less as possible, being a support to the wine.

Irizee embodies the vision, the commitments and the values of Regis Poissinet and his son. Driven by a common real passion for their wines, they vinify them in the same spirit of respect, openness and freedom. Keeping a constant and attentive eye on the tanks and barrels, supporting rather than intervening and knowing how and when to step aside to let things happen as naturally as possible, that is their motto. The Irizée collection embodies the values of the goddess Iris … In mythology, messenger of the gods, she symbolizes the link between earth and sky, gods and men, she makes the bound between all the cosmic elements which give meaning to life.